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Costa Rican tree frog
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Costa Rican Myths Storybook Link


  1. Hi Courtney!

    I love this idea for a storybook. One of my original storybook ideas was actually very similar to yours, except my idea was Hawaiian mythology. My family was supposed to vacation in Hawaii before the pandemic occurred, which gave me the idea for the Hawaiian storybook so I could still have that Hawaii feeling. It made me wonder, what was your inspiration for your storybook? Did you have (or supposed to have) an experience in Costa Rica that was fun, or do you just enjoy Costa Rica?

    I also like how you included Costa Rican history and culture in your introduction, like how natives are called "Ticos". Your introduction also mentions that are eight indigenous tribes within the country; however, you didn't name them. Will some of your stories talk about any of those tribes? If not, do you mind sharing the names of those tribes? It has me very interested! I'm looking forward to your work on this book!

  2. Hi Courtney,

    I think this is a very cool storybook idea! I love Costa Rica because it is such a beautiful place with so many fun things to do. Costa Rica has an amazing culture there and I love that place so much. I really enjoyed the picture you used for your home page. I like the picture because it really makes you feel like you are in Costa Rica!

    The introduction is done very well and does a great job of explaining what you plan on talking about in the storybook. I like how you gave a little background information on Costa Rica and the culture as well as some history of Costa Rica. Another thing I liked about the intro is that you were able to distinguish stories from one another by adding spaces between them. One thing I would like to see is a little more information on La Llorna because I had not heard of it. I like that you mention it, but would maybe need one or two more sentences explaining it.

    Overall, this is a fantastic introduction and I look forward to reading some of your stories!

  3. Hi Courtney!
    Your storybook looks interesting so far!
    I love that you've specialized into a very particular part of the world, it seems like you're going to have a very well tied together storybook!
    I'm curious about what drew you to pick Costa Rica in particular, was there something specific that drew you to pick it?
    I do have to say, Costa Rica was definitely an excellent choice when it comes to the visuals of your blog! Your blog looks really good with all the pretty shots of Costa Rica's natural beauty throughout!
    If you really want to lean into that, you might try bringing in some green accents to the storybook's design to go with all the lush greenery in the photos.
    But either way, your storybook seems to have a very excellent start!

  4. Hi Courtney!
    The visuals of your Storybook are well chosen!
    I like your introduction because it comes off as very informative and well researched. It gives me just enough information to let me know what to expect but also keeps it just mysterious enough to keep me interested. Plus, I like how you include information about the three stories that you are going to be focusing on. I also like how you include that Costa Ricans are termed Ticos because it gives your audience a better relationship to the subject of your stories.
    My only critique is that you could add more photos to your home page and introduction to spice it up a little bit since this is a very white Storybook. You could add images of La Llorona or the other creatures in the stories that you are introducing.
    Overall, it looks and sounds really good. Excellent job!

  5. Hi Courtney!

    Your introduction kept me interested in Costa Rica and the stories of its culture. I appreciated that you included some important information about Costa Rica and a map of where Costa Rica is helpful. I thought it was very cool that the people place value on free higher education for their citizens and make contributions for protecting the environment. I also liked that you introduced the stories you will be telling; it prepares the readers for the kinds of stories there are in your Storybook as well as in Costa Rica culture. I think your page looks great and has enough details; I would maybe add another picture or two to add more to the page. Since you already have the picture of the volcano in your header, there could be a picture added of La Llorana and another picture could be of the creature from the second story. They could be added at the bottom of the page to kind of break it up. But these are just suggestions because your introduction is already engaging and I can’t wait to learn more about Costa Rican myths.

  6. Hi Courtney :)
    I really love your Storybook, both what you have so far for your Introduction and what you're planning with you three stories! I adored the brief glimpse into Costa Rican culture. I still don't know a lot about Costa Rica, the country's history, or its people, but I know so much more now because of you! Every sentence conveyed new information to me in a compelling way.
    The only opinion I have to give for improvement is a super nitpicky thing because everything else in your Intro is fantastic! Your grammar, spelling, and punctuation are superb. Great job on those! In my opinion the only thing you could potentially do is take a look at brevity.
    There are a few instances where you could shorten a sentence for a smoother reading experience.
    For example: "There are eight remaining indigenous tribes in Costa Rico, and they are spread throughout the region." You could edit it to: "...indigenous tribes in Costa Rico spread throughout the region." It's a little shorter, but it can tighten your awesome writing even more!
    You write really well, and I really had to think about if there was any critique or opinion I could even give you. Like I said, focusing on brevity is a super nitpicky thing, and I think you did a very great job with your Introduction. I really look forward to reading your stories!


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